Clarification & Pre-filtration

Explore how our solutions reduce particulate contamination in fluids

Sterile Filtration Meets Efficiency

Reduce Particulate Contamination in Fluids

Filtration is an effective method to reduce particulate contamination in fluids. Filters may be used to clarify high particulate-load solutions such as reagents and buffers that are not required to be sterile.  Or they can be used to prolong the life of a final filter of a smaller pore size such as 0.2 µm. A filter used for clarification or prefiltration may be a large pore size membrane filter or made of thicker media (depth media) with a wider range of pore size to capture more particulate. Some filters may be a combination of filter media types.


Solutions that have insoluble particulate or precipitate can interfere with assays, formulation, or aesthetic appearance of the fluid. Removal of the unwanted particulate can be achieved through filtration. Selection of the pore size and capacity of the filter depends on the end use of the solution and amount of particulate present. Although the final goal may be filtration through a 0.2 µm pore size, some solutions like serum containing media or post-fermentation broths must be filtered through a large pore size prefilter to remove the excess particulate, debris, colloids, or precipitates that can prematurely clog the final filter. Using a prefilter will manage cost and efficiency of final filtration. 


Clarification and Prefiltration Applications Include:

  • Buffers
  • Reagents
  • Serum and serum-containing media
  • Complex growth media
  • Post fermentation broths
  • Industrial and environmental water samples


We have a variety of products for clarification and prefiltration ranging from syringe filters for small volumes to capsule filters for many liters at a time.






Acropak Capsule Filters Brochure

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Capsule Filters

Explore how our solutions reduce particulate contamination in fluids
Explore how our solutions reduce particulate contamination in fluids
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