Scalable Tangential Flow Filters Systems

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The Big Solution

Scale-up Tangential Flow Filtration Technology

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is a rapid and efficient method for separation and purification of biomolecules. It can be applied to a wide range of biological fields, such as immunology, protein chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology. TFF can be used to concentrate and desalt sample solutions ranging in volume from 10 mL to thousands of liters. It can be used to fractionate large from small biomolecules, harvest cell suspensions and clarify fermentation broths and cell lysates.


For larger scalable applications we offer a range of T-Series TFF cassettes for use in the Centramate TFF systems. The T-Series TFF cassettes feature superior materials of construction and improved cassette design increase process safety, reliability, reproducibility, and productivity:


  • The feed and permeate screen material for T-Series cassettes is made from polypropylene which is highly resistant to sodium hydroxide.
  • Larger feed and permeate ports provide lower pressure drops.
  • T-Series cassettes have been designed to provide maximum mass transfer through the membrane, resulting in faster processing times or reduced area installations compared to existing similar cassette formats.


T-Series cassettes contain our Omega polyethersulfone (PES) membranes that offer high flux and selectivities. They have been specifically modified to minimize protein binding to the surface and interstitial structure of the membrane. This polymeric membrane is stable against biological and physical degradation due to the unique chemical properties of PES. 


Omega membranes are cast on a highly porous, non-woven polyolefin support. They have an anisotropic structure, a thin skin-like top layer with a highly porous underlying support. The structure of the skin determines the porosity and permeability characteristics of the membrane and can typically be cleaned quicker and easier than membranes with a uniform, sub-micron depth structure.