Boost your Green Hydrogen Production with Filtration & Separation Technologies


Renewables are critical to the success of the global energy transition as they contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix between fossil and non-fossil energy sources. Besides wind, solar, hydro, and biofuels, green hydrogen presents a promising clean source of energy to reduce our global carbon footprint.  However, the production process still faces challenges in commercialization and scale up. The high cost of electrolyzers and stringent purity standards make green hydrogen the most expensive way to make hydrogen. Liquid, gaseous, and solid contaminants must all be removed from the hydrogen produced to meet the purity standards required.


In this one-hour webinar, Pall hydrogen and separation and filtration experts will discuss the green hydrogen production process and best practices you can implement to ensure complete contaminant removal in your final product while assisting in making green hydrogen production more economical and sustainable.


During this webinar, you will learn:


  • An overview of the green hydrogen production process
  • Best practices regarding filtration and separation in green hydrogen production including liquid contaminant removal and solid contaminant removal
  • Specific applications where Pall has supported the green hydrogen production value chain
  • Best practices in green hydrogen storage.


Maria Anez-Lingerfelt

Research and Development - Senior Engineer

Pall Corporation


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