Keeping It Clean and Green! The Role of Contamination Control in Renewable Fuel Processes


As we approach the end of 2021, the global energy transition to renewables continues to advance rapidly with significant investment in upgrading/modifying existing processes to use bio-based feedstocks. Specifically oil refineries are using bio-based feedstocks to produce renewable fuels like diesel and jet fuel with existing equipment. More than 100 sites globally have already made the switch or are planning to in the upcoming year.


The bio-based feedstocks present new process challenges that often require new solutions and technology development. Pall Corporation is actively working to provide the proper separations products and equipment to assist in the successful techno-economic transition to the production of high-quality, on-spec fuel products from these bio-based feedstocks. We will share in this webinar our recent experiences via case studies and applications on we have recently with the use of our current generation of advanced filtration and coalescer technologies.


Maria Anez-Lingerfelt, PHD

Senior Scientist – Application Development Team

Pall Corporation


Andrew Gorin

Business Development Manager

Refineries and Renewable Fuels, The Americas

Pall Corporation

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