We offer a wide range of separation and purification solutions to meet the needs of hydrogen production, compression, storage, transportation and end-use.

Hydrogen has long been recognized as clean alternative to fossil fuels. It is inherently a green fuel as it produces no toxic emissions when burned – the only by-product of its combustion is water vapor. Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells for transportation, as a feedstock for refining and chemical processes, and for commercial/residential heat and power. As the shift to renewable energy continues to grow, hydrogen is set to play a key role as a clean energy source and storage medium. It is increasingly featured on countries’ net zero plans – particularly to reduce emissions from highly polluting sectors like heating, steel and long-distance transport.


As a leader in separation and purification technology, Pall Corporation is fully committed to the advancement of the hydrogen economy.

With the experience of hundreds of filtration and separation solutions installed in Hydrogen service across the world and the expertise of lab, field and service experts, Pall understands the needs of customers across the entire Hydrogen value chain. Contact us to find out how Pall can help you to:

Consistently achieve high product purity

Protect critical assets

Reduce size of the production unit

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Customer Success Stories:


  • Intermediate product purification

  • Separating electrolyte at low pressure drop

  • Adsorbent bed protection

Helping a blue hydrogen pilot project to purify its feed gas



The coal gasification process resulted in char in the post-gasification product that could affect equipment in H2 production process downstream.



Pall's experts studied the process conditions and offered PSS filter elements, specially made of iron aluminide, that performed well in extreme temperature conditions.



Pall filters were successfully tested and achieved the required quality

Removing electrolyte from Hydrogen gas with minimal drop in pressure



Customer needed to remove liquids from gas with minimal drop in pressure as their technology produced H2 only slightly above atmospheric pressure.



Pall recommended Liquid-gas coalescer achieved the required separation efficiency while also being fully compatible with the Potassium Hydroxide present in the electrolyte.



Pall's solution occupied 40% less space than the customer's original separation unit - helping customer reduce capex.

Protecting Pressure Swing Adsorption unit from liquid Contaminants



Liquid contamination in the Hydrogen stream was reducing the PSA yield for a French ammonia producer.



Pall's high efficiency liquid-gas coalescers were installed upstream of the PSA.



Field measurements confirmed reduction of liquid carry-over, after Pall's solution, to below 2 parts per billion. The customer was able to achieve and maintain high PSA yields.