Bottled Water: Air/Gas/Steam Service Filter Cartridges

Particulate control with vent or direct filtration increases the efficiency of downstream processing steps and life of subsequent filtration stages. Membrane filter elements may also be utilized for microbial control for critical processes.

Emflon® PFRW Filter Cartridges
Emflon PFRW cartridges are sterilizing grade hydrophobic membrane filters designed for reliable retention of bacteria and high levels of phages in compressed gas and vent applications. 

PSS® Porous Metal Filter Cartridges
PSS Porous Metal Filter CartridgesPSS porous metal filter cartridges are made from fine stainless steel powders sintered to form rugged high voids and fixed pore filters with high-temperature, pressure, and solvent resistance.

Rigimesh® Sintered Metal Mesh Filter Cartridges
Rigimesh Sintered Metal Mesh Filter CartridgesSintered metal mesh filter cartridges constructed from fine-woven stainless steel wire mesh, sintered at each wire contact point.

Ultipor® GF Plus Filters
Ultipor GF Plus Filters Made with positive Zeta modified glass fiber media for enhanced efficiency.