Bottled Water Particulate Control

Critical to the absolute purity of the finished product is filtration at every stage, including prefiltration of raw water as it enters the process. Pall has addressed the need for an economical and reliable particulate filter system designed for the following applications. 

Filters with Ultipleat Configuration

Profile® filters with Ultipleat® configuration use continuous Critical to the absolute purity of the finished product is filtration at every stage, including prefiltration of raw water as it enters the process. Pall has addressed the need for an economical and reliable particulate filter system designed for the following applications.

Profile filters with Ultipleat configuration use continuous Profile membrane in a proprietary cresent-shaped pleat structure. A patented spiral wrap is attached to each pleat to allow for uniform flow-through each pleat. The benefit of the Ultipleat configuration is a reduced pressure drop (as low as one-fifteenth that of conventional depth filters) and higher flow rate which results in unsurpassed filter service life.

Benefits of Pall Filters with Ultipleat Construction

  • Uniform flow distribution with Ultipleat construction, which can provide a longer service life.
  • Patented spiral wrap bonded to each pleat, maintains a uniform flow-through pleats and prevents pleat collapse and bunching.
  • Longer life than many pleated polypropylene membrane filters, resulting in lower costs and reduced change-outs.
  • Higher flow rate and lower differential pressure than pleated and depth media capacity.

High Flow filters with Ultipleat Construction

Pall has addressed the need for an economic and reliable particulate filter system designed for high flow applications—a solution that eliminates having to settle for the traditional systems, bag filters or cartridge filters that truly do not meet all process requirements. Pall Profile and Ultipor (resin-bonded glass fiber) filters are available in an Ultipleat High Flow filter configuration. These products combine the benefits of the membrane (resin-bonded glass fiber or Profile) and the Ultipleat crescent-shaped pleat geometry into a design that allows for flows up to 500 GPM per cartridge.

Ultipleat High Flow filters utilize a 6-inch diameter and a 40 - 60 inch length to maximize the ratio between surface area and cross-sectional area and to minimize core pressure drop. The flow direction is in to out so that contaminants can be collected inside the filter for easy disposal. The filters are coreless, with an all-plastic construction, to minimize waste-disposal costs. Micron ratings from 2 to 20 microns are available.

The Ultipleat High Flow filter design allows for a smaller footprint with fewer filters to change-out.

Benefits of Pall Filters with High Flow Ultipleat Construction

  • Reduced capital costs
  • Reduced element replacement costs
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Reduced waste volume
  • Lower clean pressure drop
  • Ease of service
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher fill rates
  • Lower product hold-up volume


Pall Aria Water Treatment Systems
Pall Aria Water Treatment SystemsAria FB membrane filtration systems incorporate unique features which enable food and beverage plants to achieve high water quality at reduced operating costs.

Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP Media
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile UP MediaDesigned for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.

Profile Coreless Filter Elements
Profile Coreless Filter ElementsDesign eliminates the core to provide a convenient, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for liquid clarification applications.

Profile Star Filters
The Profile Star filter cartridge combines the advantages of a continuously graded pore structure and a unique pleated geometry to provide an increase in effective filtration area and service life.

Claris® Filter Cartridges
Claris Filter CartridgesEffective particle removal and the most cost efficient solution for applications within the food and beverage industry.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis T Series Filter CartridgesPall’s proprietary CoLD™ (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber technology gives the Nexis T filters internal support combined with high dirt holding capacity.

Fuente™ FSC Filter Cartridge
Fuente Colloids Filter CartridgesDesigned to remove colloidal matter from process water used in the beverage industry.

Ultipor® N66 Filter Cartridges
Ultipor N66 Filter CartridgesUltipor N66 filters incorporate pleated nylon 6,6 media into single open ended (SOE) cartridges to fit in sanitary filter housings.

Fuente Final Filter
Fuente Final Filter For Beverage ApplicationsDesigned to meet the highest requirements of water bottlers for removal of particles, cysts, oocysts and bacteria in water filtration applications.

Selection Guide

Use the following guide to determine the product best suited to your application.
Applications Recommended Filter Grade Solution
Incoming water: primary filtration
  • 40 μm
  • 10 μm
  • 10 μm
Coarse filtration
  • 10 μm
  • 10 μm
  • 5 μm
Tanker Off loading
  • 10 μm
  • 10 μm
Trap filtration
  • 4.5 μm
  • 5 μm
  • 4.5 μm
  • 3 μm
Pre RO filtration
  • 4.5 μm
  • 5 μm
  • 5 µm
  • 5 μm
Pre storage and Pre filtration
  • 1 μm
  • 1 μm
Mineral/Flavor filtration
  • 1 µm
Fine filtration: colloid reduction N/A
Final membrane filtration: microbiological reduction
  • 0.2 / 0.45 µm
  • 0.2 µm