Filter Systems and Equipment for Food and Ingredients

Robust filter systems and equipment designed by Pall satisfy food customers’ requirements for simplicity of operation, reliable performance, yield improvement and sustainable production. 


Membralox® Ceramic Membrane Products
Pall’s Membralox ceramic membrane systems are ideal for applications in the food industry requiring relatively high suspended solids load handling, use of high temperatures or pressures, closed systems, exceptional filtrate quality, retentate stream utilization, diafiltration and long-term durability.

Microza Membranes
Microza MembranesMicroza* membranes have an asymmetric structure,with a membrane layer on the inside, and on the outside of the fiber, overlaying a core comprising a very open support for excellent flow characteristics.
*Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation

Pall Aria AP-Series Water Treatment Systems
Pall Aria AP-Series Water Treatment SystemsPall Aria AP-Series hollow fiber water treatment systems are well suited to handling large water volumes from a variety of sources at food plants, providing consistent water filtrate quality.

Pall Aria™ FB System
Durable PVDF hollow fiber membrane systems produce consistent water quality, while ensuring high microbiological process safety.