Guard Filtration for Distilled Spirits

To ensure a clear and bright product, guard filtration is the last filtration or final product protection step prior to bottling. Pall’s Profile® II filter cartridge provides high-efficiency depth filtration with consistent and reproducible results each and every time. Alternatively, the PREcart PPII filter provides a pleated depth filter option with the capability of backflushing for higher total throughput. 

For high flow applications, Pall makes large-diameter filter solutions utilizing the same high-efficiency media as the Profile II filter elements. The Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements with Profile UP media and the Profile® Coreless filterprovide cost savings benefits including quick cartridge change-outs, simple handling, and low investment and operating costs. With reduced plastic hardware and less water or alcohol needed for rinsing and cleaning, these filters provide sustainable low-waste solutions in line with the conservation programs in place in many distilleries.

Products for Guard Filtration

PREcart PP II Filter Element
PREcart PP II Filter ElementDesigned to meet the high mechanical resistance and compatibility requirements needed for use in food and beverage production processes.

Profile Coreless Filter
Profile Coreless Filter 
ElementsCost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for liquid clarification applications.

Profile II Filter Cartridges
Profile II Filter CartridgesHigh efficiency depth style filters constructed of polypropylene.AB and RF styles are suitable for use in spirits.


White and Brown Spirits

Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile UP media
Ultipleat High Flow 
Filter Elements with Profile® UP mediaFilter elements designed for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.