Innovative Dairy

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Manufacturers of dairy products and value-added ingredients from milk require essential process steps to protect flavor, ensure nutritional value, and prevent microbial or physical contamination. Pall's filtration and separation technology and expertise can help you protect products, reduce costs, improve yield, and maintain a high level of process control. With unique membrane filter technology, innovative high flow filter configurations and a full range of value-added filtration, separation and purification solutions to support dairy producers worldwide, Pall can bring sustainable value to your production process.

Process Reliability

Reliable barriers in manufacturing processes are essential for product safety and brand protection, preventing pathogen entry at points where a product might be exposed to foreign matter, microbiological contaminants or process survivors. Filtration solutions based on the Pall Total Fluid Management™ (TFM) program provide these reliable barriers. The TFM program also targets secondary fluids, such as water, steam and gas utilities to prevent premature equipment failure and the creation of potential contaminant entry paths.
  • Milk products and ingredients 
  • Aseptic packaging utilities
  • Utilities and process equipment protection

  • Superior separation efficiencies
  • Durable performance
  • Supporting documentation 
  • Integrity test programs

Product Safety

Prevention of microbial or physical contamination of the final product by contact with equipment or process fluids relies on essential filtration steps in the process. Specific solutions are available to satisfy the spectrum of filtration requirements ranging from general purpose clarification all the way up to sterilizing grade filtration.

Consumer Protection

Dairy products require essential process steps which prevent and remove microbial contamination while continuing to maintaining high nutritional quality. Pall’s wide range of filtration and separation solutions help achieve multiple product and process safety needs.
  • Product quality protection
    • Ensuring reliable microbial barriers
    • Maintaining nutritional value of heat sensitive ingredients
  • Food contact compliant filter materials

Cost Savings

With many of the complex challenges faced by the dairy producer driven by cost savings, Pall filtration technologies can be a tool of choice for optimized profitability.
  • The right selection of high efficiency filters prevents costs associated with contamination and product non-conformance.
  • Properly designed and sized filtration installations, together with new technology High Flow cartridge designs can reduce filtration and filter maintenance costs.
  • Utilities (water, steam, air & gas) of suitable quality provide optimized equipment protection and reduced maintenance downtime.
  • Simplified processes provide maximized equipment capacity by faster operation and increased product yield.
  • Filter monitoring prevents premature filter change-out.
  • Longer operating cycles and recycling provide further savings in water and cleaning chemicals, as well as reduced waste water volumes.


The demand for new and specialty products with unique organoleptic properties, nutritional profiles or added functionalities is driving dairy innovation.
  • A wide range of filter types and formats satisfies multiple requirements, from laboratory to industrial scale
  • Pall membrane and chromatography technologies provide precise separations, from microfiltration to the production of customized milk fractions
    • Microfiltered milk with fresher taste and long shelf life
    • Milk and cheese concentrates
    • High value functional ingredients


The Pall filtration and separation product portfolio, designed for higher capacity, longer life, optimized water and chemical usage, recycling and re-use, provides innovative solutions to your water and environmental management programs.
  • High capacity filters for minimized disposal costs
  • Microflow XL systems for brine recycling
  • Pall Aria™ microfiltration systems for reduced water usage