Integrity Testing in Wine Production

Filter integrity testing is a fast and accurate method to assess the removal efficiency of a given filter in situ. The Forward Flow test, developed by Pall, is internationally acknowledged as a truly objective and non-destructive method to check if the filter still meets specification and is correctly installed. Test results provide a clear and accurate indication of filter integrity prior to its use.

Brand awareness and product consistency are imperative. A final filter is used to eliminate the risk of microbial contamination and therefore protect the quality of the final product. Integrity testing with a Palltronic® Compact Star is a reliable, cost effective and operator-friendly method to predict filter integrity. This information is used to ensure quality manufacturing standards.


Palltronic Compact Star
The Palltronic Compact Star is a fully automated device designed to perform the Forward Flow measurement using the Pressure Decay test method.
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Integrity Testing in Wine Production
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