Liquid Service Filter Cartridges for Soft Drinks Production

Particulate control with filtration increases the efficiency of downstream processing steps and life of subsequent filtration stages. Membrane filter elements may also be utilized for microbial control.

Claris® Filter Cartridges
Claris Filter CartridgesEffective particle removal and the most cost efficient solution for applications within the food and beverage industry. 

Fuente™ Colloids Filter Cartridges
Fuente Colloids Filter CartridgesThe latest development for highly effective particulate colloid removal from water.

Marksman™ PFT Series Filter Elements
Marksman PFT Series Filter ElementsHigh flow capacity pleated filter elements for consistent filtration.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis T Series Filter CartridgesPall’s proprietary CoLD™ (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber technology gives the Nexis T filters internal support combined with high dirt holding capacity.

Profile® II Filter Cartridges
Profile II Filter CartridgesDesigned for high-performance clarification and particle removal in food and beverage processes.


Profile Coreless Filter Elements
Profile Coreless Filter ElementsDesign eliminates the core to provide a convenient, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for liquid clarification applications. 


Profile Star Filters
The Profile Star filter cartridge combines the advantages of a continuously graded pore structure and a unique pleated geometry to provide an increase in effective filtration area and service life.

Profile UP Filter Cartridges
Profile UP Filter CartridgesPleated depth filters designed for high particle removal efficiency in food and beverage applications.

Rigimesh® Sintered Metal Mesh Filter Cartridges
Rigimesh Sintered Metal Mesh Filter CartridgesSintered metal mesh filter cartridges constructed from fine-woven stainless steel wire mesh, sintered at each wire contact point.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP Media
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile UP MediaDesigned for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.

Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements (1 µm)
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements For fine particle removal from water.

Ultipor® GF Plus Filters
Ultipor GF Plus Filters Made with positive Zeta modified glass fiber media for enhanced efficiency.