Membrane Modules and Systems

Membralox® Ceramic Membrane Products
Pall’s Membralox ceramic membrane elements are ideal for applications that involve extreme processes, such as high solids bulk processes, the use of high temperatures or pressures, or aggressive solvents, and where significant long-term durability is required.

Membralox GP Ceramic Membranes
with Longitudinal Permeability Gradient

Efficient control of microfiltration regime for higher performances.

Pall Aria™ FB System
Provides up to 98% water recovery. Consistent water quality production regardless to raw water quality within specified limits covering the most typical water treatment applications.

Pall® Microflow XL Brine
The fully automated Microflow system provides an environmentally friendly solution for longer brine life, with a reliable microbial stabilization which reduces the risk of cheese contamination from spoilage or pathogenic microorganisms during the brine salting process.

Microflow XL-M Brine Crossflow Microfiltration Systems
Microflow XL-M Brine systems are specifically designed to meet needs and requirements of brine purification in small and medium cheese plants. Clarification is achieved without the need for filter aids or centrifuge.
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