Microbial Removal from Process Fluids for Food and Ingredients

Food and food ingredient manufacturers often require a reduction or removal of microorganisms from their fluid streams, to avoid product spoilage or eliminate any chance of costly product recalls. Filtration products offer varying degrees of titer reduction to achieve such goals. From providing bioburden reduction to achieving commercial sterility in critical aseptic applications, we safeguard customers’ processes and assist with protecting their brands.

Membrane cartridges used for microbial removal should be integrity tested regularly to confirm their performance. Pall offers a variety of integrity test equipment, for liquid and gas filters to meet this need.


Fluorodyne® II DFL Membrane Filter Cartridges
Fluorodyne II DFL Membrane Filter CartridgesValidated 0.2 micron-rated sterilizing grade filters retain Brevundimonas diminuta (ATCC 19146) at 107 CFU/cm² effective filter area (EFA) and ensure very low extractables and adsorption.

Fuente Final Filter
Fuente Final Filter For Beverage ApplicationsThe Fuente filter is designed for removal of particles and bacteria in water filtration applications.

Ultipor® N66 Filters
Ultipor N66 filter cartridges are specifically engineered for microbial stabilization of food and beverage products.