Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration for Food and Ingredients

Feed fluids in larger volume processes, which require the removal of relatively high amounts of suspended solids (> 0.1% dry basis), in which the retentate is the product, or in which diafiltration is needed to optimize yield, are optimal candidates for applying crossflow microfiltration or ultrafiltration. Microfiltration separations remove suspended particles down to the ~0.1 micron range, while ultrafiltration separations operate in the macromolecular range down to a few thousand Daltons.

Pall offers both hollow fiber and ceramic membrane systems with removal performance in both the microfiltration and ultrafiltration ranges. Selections for appropriate technology are made based on economics, particle sizes, required cut-off, process and cleaning temperatures, chemical and pH compatibility, final solids concentration, and other considerations.

Some examples of such separations in the general food industry are found in soy sauce, tea, coffee and brine clarification, enzyme clarification and concentration, mud removal in sweetener syrups, amino acid purification, biomass concentration, gelatin clarification, and CIP solution recovery and reuse.


Membralox® Ceramic Membranes and Modules
Membralox Ceramic Membranes and Modules High compactness of the multichannel membrane combined with high permeability allows the treatment of large volumes with high throughput. 

Membralox® Ceramic Membrane Products
Pall’s Membralox ceramic membrane systems are ideal for applications in the food industry requiring relatively high suspended solids load handling, use of high temperatures or pressures, closed systems, exceptional filtrate quality, retentate stream utilization, diafiltration and long-term durability.


Microza Membranes
Microza MembranesMicroza* membranes have an asymmetric structure,with a membrane layer on the inside, and on the outside of the fiber, overlaying a core comprising a very open support for excellent flow characteristics.
*Microza is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation