Particle and Gel Removal for Food and Ingredients

Trap filtration and polishing are common requirements in enzyme, sweetener, edible oil, gelatin, yeast extract, flavor and other food ingredient manufacturing. These unit operations achieve turbidity reduction due to particle and other physical contaminant removal.

With proper particulate control, customers can satisfy their product clarity requirements, and prolong the life of subsequent filtration stages in their processes. Proper trap filtration after centrifuges, DE filters, ion exchange units, resin beds, and carbon beds improves the performance, cleanabiity and life of downstream equipment.

Given the wide array of applications and fluid types, proper filter selection depends on many factors, such as the suspended solids load in the feed fluid, the type and size distribution of contaminants, the degree of removal required, fluid and cleaning chemical compatibility, temperature, and other process conditions.  

We offer several technology platforms to cost-effectively handle each application, depending on the unique characteristics of the fluids and process parameters


Claris® Filter Cartridges
Claris Filter CartridgesThese filters provide effective particle removal and the most cost efficient solution for applications within the food and beverage industry.

Marksman™ PFT Series Filter Elements
Marksman PFT Series Filter ElementsMarksman filters are high capacity pleated polypropylene filter elements, designed primarily for use as bag filter retrofits, providing cartridge level filtration.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
Ideal for use in rigorous food and beverage clarification processes, Pall’s proprietary CoLD™ (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber technology gives the Nexis T filters internal support combined with high dirt holding capacity.

Poly-Fine® II Filter Cartridges
Poly-Fine II filters consist of proprietary filter media for highly consistent performance and high contaminant holding capacity.

Profile® II Filter Cartridges
Profile II Filter Cartridges Profile II cartridges are high efficiency depth style filters with a continuously graded fixed pore structure, providing pre- and final filtration within the same cartridge.

Profile® UP Filter Cartridge
Profile UP filter cartridges are pleated depth filters designed for high particle removal efficiency in food and beverage applications.

Seitz HS® Series Filter Sheets
HS Series Filter SheetsThe high stability of Seitz HS series filter sheets, resulting in pronounced wet strength, satisfies low and high temperature use in aqueous and higher viscous fluids.

Seitz K Series Filter Sheets
Seitz K–Series Depth Filter SheetsThese sheets consist of a cellulose matrix which contains very fine diatomaceous earth (DE, kieselguhr) mixtures and perlite as filtration-active substances.

Seitz T-Series Depth Filter Sheets
T-Series Depth Filter SheetsCharacterized by an open structure, Seitz T Series filter sheets are well suited for high suspended solids and viscous applications requiring coarse filtration.

 SUPRApak™ Depth Filter Modules
 SUPRApak Depth Filter ModulesEfficient, economical and innovative, SUPRApak technology represents the future of depth filtration with filter sheets.

SUPRAdisc™ II Depth Filter Modules
II Depth Filter ModulesSUPRAdisc II modules offer increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness as compared with classic stacked disc modules. Important cost savings are realized with these next generation modules due to their unique design advantages.

SUPRApak™ SW Series Depth Filter Modules
SUPRApak SW Series ModulesSUPRApak SW series depth filter modules set a new standard for enclosed sheet filtration, providing exceptional throughput and removal performance.

Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP Media
Ultipleat High Flow Filter Elements with Profile® UP MediaThese filters are designed for high particle removal efficiency in high flow rate food and beverage applications.