Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges

Nexis T filter cartridges are extremely robust melt blown depth filters that are ideal for use in rigorous clarification and particle reduction applications.

Nexis T filter cartridges feature continuous graded, fixed pores which provide pre- and fine filtration within the same cartridge.

Their unique feature is Pall’s proprietary CoLDSM (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber media technology, which ensures efficient use of the entire gradient depth of the filter, resulting in high fluid transport and high dirt holding capacity.

The CoLD Melt™ process produces a mixture of micro-thin fibers intermingled and thermally bonded with large diameter CoLD fibers to provide an integral support and fluid transport network. The large internal void volume created by the CoLD process enables the capture of more contaminant than conventional cartridges, while the rigid support fibers hold the filtration fibers firmly in place.

The result is less potential for contaminant unloading and more efficient filtration under a variety of operating conditions.

Features Benefits
High structural integrity with fixed fiber matrix
  • Consistent filtrate quality
  • Highly stable structure, resistance to contaminant unloading even at high differential pressures
  • High performance filtration under a variety of operating conditions
Micro-thin fibers with continuous graded fixed pore structure provide pre- and fine filtration in the same cartridge
  • High void volume for high dirt holding capacity and long service life
  • Economical cost per filtered volume
  • Lower disposal costs
Proprietary high strength center core for 3-10 micron grades, economical high strength extruded core for more open grades
  • Reliable even under high differential pressure conditions
All polypropylene construction without adhesives, binders, resins or silicone
  • Broad chemical compatibility, suitable for use in a variety of fluids