Pall Aria™ FB Automatic Backwashable Water Filtration Systems

Efficient, Cost Effective Solution for Water Treatment in the Food and Beverage Industry

Pall has extensive experience in providing membrane solutions for municipal water treatment and is dedicated to advancing its technology to ensure simple and cost-effective solutions that achieve reliable process control. Pall Aria FB membrane filtration systems incorporate unique features which enable food and beverage plants to achieve high water quality at reduced operating costs (up to 50% compared to conventional treatment methods), while ensuring high microbiological process safety. These features include:
  • Durable PVDF hollow fiber membranes produce consistent water quality, regardless of the raw water quality (within specified limits), for most typical water treatment applications
  • Overall cost improvement
    • Low chemical consumption due to efficient mechanical backwash
    • Low energy consumption (typically 0.09 kWh per m3 filtered water or 0.00035 kWh per gal)
    • Minimal water losses (up to 98% water recovery) due to dead-end filtration
  • High microbiological safety: stainless steel hygienic design and automatic disinfection when the system is out of operation for more than 24 hours
  • Process traceability through performance monitoring and recording (data logger optional) and modules testing
  • Simple, easy-to-operate, operator-friendly touch screen panel with pre-programmed sequences