Troubleshooting and Consultancy Services

Pall offers troubleshooting and consultancy service to ensure that your processes run smoothly and that potential process improvements are introduced in a controlled manner to result in significant benefits and costs savings.

Process Audit Contamination Analysis

Pall has over 50 years experience in contamination analysis and control, and offers a complete service for process audits for critical contamination points identification and subsequent analysis of particulate and microbial contaminants. Our goal is to ensure your product purity. Investigations are fully documented and a technical report is issued to you at the end of the study.

ProteinChip® Purification
Development and Identification

Available in Pall laboratories around the world, ProteinChip® technology, used with arrays of sorbent chemistry, provides a very fast method to assess samples for binding and elution of molecules under different conditions. This is a unique process development tool which saves development time and generates more valuable information that conventional operation of small scouting columns alone. Samples may be assessed in Pall’s own laboratories, and Pall can also work with customers to develop in-house capability. As well as its use in purification development, this service can be used for expression monitoring and product analysis of protein.

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Chromatography Packing Studies

The consistency in performance of a chromatography column is highly dependent upon the effectiveness of the packing method. Pall offers the ability to run trials, to optimize packing methods. and confirm bed stability on repeated cycles.

Process Optimization

Using some of the tools above in tandem with all conventional methods we are ready to offer specific guidance where our own customer’s resources may be stretched or where additional data is required quickly. In the most demanding critical situations we can often make the difference.


Based on a broad process expertise, Pall has developed training modules for all aspects of purification and separation technology including filtration and chromatography. They are both advanced scientific and at basic operator training levels. These services can be tailored to specific customer needs.