Trap Filtration for Wine Production

The primary purpose of trap filtration is to remove particles from clarified wine in case of a process upset or accident during upstream processing. Trap filters provide process efficiency and protect the downstream filtration stages. Trap filtration may also perform some haze and turbidity reduction however, if the wine feed turbidity is too high uneconomical service life may result.

For a vintage or stable wine, this filter can also serve as the final filtration prior to packaging.

Trap Filtration Products

Profile® II Filter Cartridges
Profile II Filter Cartridges High efficiency depth style filters constructed of polypropylene.

Profile Coreless Filter
Profile Coreless Filter ElementsCost efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for high flow applications.

Profile Star Filters
Depth filters with a unique pleated geometry that provides an increase of effective filtration area and service life.

  Wine Filtration Overview

Wine Filtration Applications
Clarifying Wine Filtration
Combined Clarification and Protein Stabilization
Lees Wine Filtration
Polish Wine Filtration
Trap Filtration for Wine Filtration
Pre-Filtration Prior to Wine Bottling
Final Filtration Prior to Wine Bottling
Integrity Testing in Wine Production
Utility Filtration for the Wine Industry

Wine Filtration Products