Trap Removal/Particle Filtration in Beer Making

Pall’s particle filtration technology protects beer from unwanted particles after primary filtration or as a last critical control point upstream of filling.  

Products for Trap Removal/Particle Filtration

SUPRAdisc™ II Depth Filter Modules
SUPRAdisc II Depth Filter ModulesIncreased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness as compared with classic stacked disc modules. Important cost savings are realized with  these next generation modules due to their unique design advantages. 

Profile® Star Filters
The Profile Star filter cartridge combines the advantages of a continuously graded pore structure and a unique pleated geometry to provide an increase in effective filtration area and service life.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis T Series filter cartridges are ideal for use in rigorous food and beverage clarification processes. Pall’s proprietary CoLD™ (Co-Located Large Diameter) fiber technology gives the Nexis T filters internal support combined with high dirt holding capacity.

  Microbreweries and Corporate Breweries

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