The 2nd Annual Next Generation Gene Therapy Vectors Summit is dedicated to overcoming the current immunogenicity, toxicity and manufacturability challenges facing the field by pioneering the next generation of superior delivery vectors.


Industry pioneers from cutting edge biopharma and world-leading academic vectorology groups will share clinically meaningful insights on how to enhance existing vectors and pioneer radical novel approaches to deliver genes more efficiently and safely.


This comprehensive event will enable you to reduce immunogenicity, improve tissue targeting, simplify manufacturing and enhance the safety profile of your approach.






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Tuesday, July 19 2022; 10:00AM


Empty and Full Separation of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors by Anion Exchange Membrane Chromatography Manufacturing.


  • Julio Huato

    R & D Engineer, Pall Corporation

Pall® Products

Location: Hyatt Regency Boston
City, State & Country: Boston, MA  USA




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