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Thursday, January 27, 2022; 3:30pm-4:50pm


Track: Moving the Industry Towards Automated Systems for Scale-up SuccessProcess Analytical Technology (PAT) and automation in bioprocessing 


1. PAT and technology benefits within bioprocessing 

2. MVDA (multivariate data analytics) and modeling utilization for real-time monitoring and feedback control

3. PAT orchestration including automation framework



  • Dr. Edita Botonjic-Sehic

    Director of Analytics, Digital Innovation,
    Pall Corporation

Pall Booth: 525


Pall® Products

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center
City, State & Country: Miami, FL  USA




LevMixer® System is the ideal component for product homogenization, suspension or re-suspension, final formulation and media, buffer preparation. LevMixer takes advantage of technology capable of suspension powers and other solids without clogging or shearing. The system is mobile and flexible to fit all users' spatial needs while offering a wide range of mixing volumes for a broad series of applications.


Allegro STR Single-use Stirred Tank Bioreactors is a novel single-use bioreactor system that allows users to focus on optimizing the application rather than on the mechanics of bioreactor installation and operation.