PORT WASHINGTON, NY – November 14, 2017 – Pall Corporation, a global l leader in filtration, separation and purification, is pleased to debut new Cadence Inline Diafiltration (ILDF) modules for scalable single-pass diafiltration (DF) to provide repeated downstream dilution and concentration cycles without a recirculation loop. The modules enable fully continuous DF processes in ultrafiltration and DF (UF/DF) processing steps, and are available in a range of size formats to accommodate various processing volumes, as well as being able to be used in one or more locations of a continuous mAb downstream purification process. The modules will be exclusively showcased this week during the next installation of Pall’s Leadership Forum series hosted in the Westborough, MA Center of Excellence.


“Single-pass tangential flow filtration, or SPTFF, revolutionized how TFF is implemented in biotech, vaccine, blood plasma and other applications, yet challenges remained,” commented Mario Philips, Vice President & General Manager of Pall Life Sciences. “The Cadence ILDF device eliminates those challenges, making continuous processing of the final UF/DF of drug substance possible, and takes another step forward in Pall delivering the only viable end-to-end integrated continuous bioprocessing platform on the market. We are excited to preview the technology to key customers and business colleagues this week in Westborough.”


Standard Pall T-Series cassettes act as the building blocks for the new Cadence ILDF module, which is offered with either Delta regenerated cellulose or OmegaTM polyethersulfone membranes to provide high flux, high selectivity and low protein binding characteristics. Users will experience removal factors of ≥ 3-log, in a scalable, accurate platform that has proven selectivity and low protein binding attributes. The modules enable significantly reduced system hold-up volume, and feature an easy to use, holderless design. Each module is supplied with comprehensive documentation and validation materials, as well as access to Pall’s world-class training and technical support teams to develop and optimize processes.


To learn more about the new Cadence ILDF offer, please visit www.pall.com/biopharm. Or, to start a conversation with a Pall representative, including getting further details about attending future Pall Leadership Forums, please email biopharm@pall.com. Keep up with the Pall Life Sciences division on social media: LinkedInTwitterYouTube


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