Use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Statement of Compliance


This statement is intended to provide information on the exclusion of GMO substances in the manufacture of Pall Biotech disposable pharmaceutical-grade filters, TFF cassettes, and Single-Use Systems (SUS). 

Pall does not specify or intentionally use any GMO substances in the manufacture of the above listed products. The wetted components (of the above listed products) therefore are constructed from primary materials which are polymeric in nature. However, since the raw materials we purchase are not certified as ‘non-GMO’, we cannot exclude the possibility that genetically modified material may be present in a trace quantity as an incidental additive deriving from the raw material manufacturing process.

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Please check the Pall website regularly for changes or updates. This statement is correct at the time of preparation, however customers should routinely consult the Pall Biotech website for changes or updates. All products shall be used in accordance with the Instructions for Use (IFU). Prepared by Pall Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for Biotechnology: Date of Original Issue: 2nd July 2019 Date of Current Revision: 2nd July 2019 Doc ref: BCMCM – 01962

Doc ref: BCMCM – 01962

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