Flavor Industry Trends: The Demand For Healthy, Sustainable Alternatives

October, 2023

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In today’s diverse food and beverage market, consumers look for “better for you” products but don’t want to compromise on taste or quality. The ultimate goal of flavor houses is to source, innovate, create, and market the purest and the most authentic flavors. Global trends are driving the flavor industry towards natural and organic products. According to an FMCG Gurus Report, natural claims are the third most important factor after taste and flavor that consumers consider when deciding on a purchase. With the base set for innovation, flavor houses must focus on flavors that play a role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and delivering new ethnic and exotic flavors.


The global shift towards lower salt and sugar consumption


Healthy lifestyle choices have made low-sugar and low-salt flavors a major trend worldwide. Furthermore, public health recommendations and tax legislation in many countries are reasons for the drive to reduce sugar content across all food and beverage categories.


In a global survey conducted by Kerry, seven in ten respondents said they plan to reduce sugar consumption to live a healthier life, and almost six in ten want to avoid future medical problems. When it comes to choosing food and beverages, flavor and taste are the most desired factors for consumers. Thus, brands are striving to create flavor profiles that create the perception of sweet or salty flavors without increasing sugar or salt content. Spices like vanilla, cinnamon chiles or cloves can achieve this.


The rise of green protein solutions and animal protein replacements

The demand for healthful and sustainable food alternatives is increasing. According to Grand View Research, the global vegan food market is expected to reach $37.45bn by 2030, a compound growth rate of 10.6%. Flavor houses are innovating with plant-based options to deliver new and more intense flavors. For example, consumers still want a plant-based hamburger to taste like a beef hamburger. The only way to achieve this is by developing flavors that replicate the flavor so that consumers of plant-based diets can enjoy these products without sacrificing the taste they love. Increasingly, consumer products will incorporate plant-based protein ingredients, so flavor suppliers need to develop novel flavors that enhance or mask the flavors.

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Delivering Authentic Flavors


Delivering innovative, high quality beverage flavors to keep up with new trends and customer requirements, also means overcoming technological limitations and improving systems and processes for better quality and efficiency. With filtration solutions to meet every innovation and manufacturing process goal in the flavor market, we can help you produce great tasting, high-clarity and long-lasting flavors economically, efficiently and safely.


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