World renowned leaders share the latest analytical techniques & vector technologies to revolutionise your cell, gene & gene edited ex vivo cell therapy programs!





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Join us for the following sessions, and learn more about the latest innovations in gene and cell therapy. Take the opportunity to meet us on booth 17.


Tuesday December 6 @ 14:00-14:30 CET

In Vivo Gene Therapy Stream

Viral Gene Therapy – How Can the Industry Drive Down the Cost of Goods to Better Serve the Patients?



The cost of dose today is a challenge for the accessibility of gene therapy products to all.

We will discuss how tools such as process intensification and cost modelling can help understand what the main process cost drivers are and the impact of process optimization on cost of dose. 


Wednesday December 7 @ 15:00-15:30 CET

In Vivo Gene Therapy Stream

Full rAAV Capsid Enrichment in a Scalable and Reproducible Viral Vector Manufacturing Platform.



Here we assess the performance of anion exchange (AEX) membrane chromatography as the polishing stage of an AAV platform process following affinity purification. Utilizing a novel 1 mS/cm step gradient approach, we are able to demonstrate separation of empty and full AAV capsids of serotypes 5, 8, and 9 with the Mustang® Q membrane.

This process maximizes the high flow rate benefits of membrane chromatography relative to traditional column chromatography, while providing improved separation. Distinct populations in the UV 260/280 chromatogram, analytical trends with PCR and ELISA tests, and capsid standards prepared by ultracentrifugation reaffirm separation.


This technique is scalable between the 0.86 mL Mustang Q XT Acrodisc® unit and 5 mL Mustang Q XT capsule, and effectively clears residual host cell protein and DNA contaminants.



  • Emmanuelle Cameau

    Strategic Technology Partnership Leader – Cell & Gene Therapy, Pall Coporation

Pall Booth- 17


The following technologies will be presented during Cell and Gene Therapy Congress. Our experts are looking forward to meeting you. In the meantime, you can click on the following links to learn more about them.


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Location: Beurs van Berlage
City, State & Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands





In our new article from Cell & Gene Therapy Insights readers will learn about:


  • The five key steps in manufacture of the mRNA-LNP drug product.
  • Important process and analytical considerations and potential bottlenecks.





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Looking forward to meeting you on booth 26 to discuss your challenges!