Trends in Single-Use Mixing Technologies for Biomanufacturing

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The current market drivers in the biotech industry demand process innovation to increase manufacturing flexibility and reduce production costs. This results in increased pressure on bioproduction platforms to become more versatile whilst maintaining high productivity and minimal down time.


Single-use mixers need to adapt to these requirements by becoming interchangeable and more scalable to handle wider ranges of volumes and more varied applications, without loss in efficiency.


The LevMixer® System and the Pall Magnetic Mixer are robust single-use mixing systems ideal for solid-to-liquid applications requiring efficient mixing.


They are the market leading technology on single-use mixing. The interchangeable systems are mobile, flexible and provide reproducible mixing of a wide range of volumes in a broad range of applications, ranging from buffer preparation to final formulation.


Download the white paper and learn more about the current single-use mixing technology landscape as well as see an example of mixing equipment used within a modular approach, provided by Lonza. And if you need assistance choosing the right solution for your facility, please tick the box to indicate that – we will be happy to help.


 ® indicates a trademark registered in the USA. Ibex is a registered trademark of Lonza

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