Quality Control for Beverage Spoilage

Learn more about the beverage quality control and explore our solutions that can reduce the risk.

Reduce the Risk of Spoilage

Rapid and flexible detection of beverage spoilage yeast and bacteria

Spoilage risk is a major concern for quality-oriented beverage producers as it generates high economic losses and negatively impacts brand image. Additionally, growing market demands for minimally processed products (e.g. unpasteurized products) strengthens the need for highly effective tools for beverage quality control.  As a result, many producers have implemented quality monitoring programs with testing at various control points to prevent risk from raw material testing (e.g. spoilage of fruit juice by yeast) to final product release (e.g. beer spoilage).


Quality control in beverage industry is mostly based on traditional culture methods. While widely used, these methods have a limited cost- and decision-making effectiveness due to their limitations. They are time-consuming, do not allow an early warning on contamination and they are not specific. Often further identification is needed to assess contamination sources and plan for effective countermeasures.


To address customer need for a rapid method to monitor and address sources of contamination, From beer quality control to the microbial spoilage of fruit juices, Pall offers a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based method using the GeneDisc® system. This beverage quality control system offers sensitive and specific detection of major spoilage bacteria and yeast in a matter of hours. This extremely accurate tool can be easily implemented in a routine  quality control laboratory. The equipment automation ensures reliability and ease of use for microbiological testing.


Pall currently offers the following GeneDisc solutions beverage spoilers:



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GeneDisc Plate for TAB Spoilage

GeneDisc Plate for TAB Spoilage

This method allows the simultaneous detection of Alicyclobacillus spp. and identification of the 4 strains known to be main potential spoilers (A. acidoterrestris, A. acidophilus, A. cycloheptanicus, A. herbarius).    

GeneDisc Plate for Beer Spoilage Bacteria

GeneDisc Plate for Beer Spoilage Bacteria

With this method, breweries can simultaneously detect and identify 21 major beer spoilage microorganisms including Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus lindneri, Lactobacillus backii and Pediococcus. This highly informative method allows identification of each spoilage microorganism within 2 hours.    

GeneDisc Plate for Yeast Detection and Identification

GeneDisc Plate for Yeast Detection and Identification

The solution incorporates 2 different discs that can be tailored for use based customer requirements.  The first disc is a screening disc that can be used to detect yeast presence while the second disc enables simultaneous detection and identification of 12 major spoilage yeast strains and species. Additionally, wineries can also use this solution for Brettanomyces quantification