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The Highest Standards of Quality Control in Poultry Food Safety


Did you know that contaminated food is the primary cause of many diseases? The World Health Organization estimates suggest that food adulteration also causes a staggering number of deaths (nearly 1.8 million) annually. Despite stricter regulations and a variety of food safety programs being implemented globally, the poultry industry faces two critical challenges: maintaining high quality standards and minimizing the risk of pathogens. The presence of a key pathogen in product batches can lead to product recalls, impacting brand reputation and causing severe losses.


For food companies, specifically poultry businesses, accurate testing procedures that are quick and effective can help control contamination levels and ensure quality and consistency. Consumers are counting on companies that have these high standards in poultry food safety.


The early detection and identification of the presence of contaminant microorganisms, with rapid pathogen testing methods, is crucial. It not only helps avoid pathogen-carrying products from reaching the market but also prevents quality or productivity roadblocks in the product development process.


It is critical to have a system that helps monitor pathogens and assures:


  • Increased speed for testing – Quick detection of pathogens and acceleration of batch release, especially for products and raw materials that have a short shelf life
  • High throughput capacity – Processing of multiple samples, DNA extraction and simultaneous testing of different pathogens
  • Ease of use – User-friendly implementation of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) with minimal manual or operator intervention


Pall Corporation specializes in cutting-edge poultry food quality testing methods that can help you gain your customers’ trust by maintaining the highest standards of poultry quality control and consistency. The company’s flexible solution, the GeneDisc® Rapid Microbiology System enables you to detect microorganisms, pathogens, and spoilers within hours. For example, poultry is one of the principal carriers of Salmonella and Campylobacter. The presence of these foodborne pathogens can be detected in as fast as 20 hours. 


Designed to minimize manual intervention, the GeneDisc technology leverages ready-to-use reagents. This adaptive solution enables quicker decision-making and offers the following benefits:




  • Equipment automation for result interpretation
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Ease of use for testing and quality control


Its novel duo control method reduces time to results of standard culture method by 50% for detection and 90% for quantification (compared to ISO and MLG standards). The high sensitivity of the GeneDisc solution means that the enrichment time is significantly reduced since it needs only a few bacteria to generate results.


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