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Powerful Biophysical Insight

Cost-Effective Assays

With a microfluidics-free design, the Octet® platform achieves versatility, throughput, and cost-effectiveness that can’t be approached by traditional label-free analysis systems. Assay samples containing cells or virus-like particles, without fear of clogs. Run parallel panels of assays in a fraction of the time. And save money while doing it!

With no fluidics modules and tubing to replace, enjoy lower maintenance costs. Inexpensive, disposable Octet biosensors can further reduce the cost per data point by up to 40x.

Empower Your Research

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Octet Assay Systems

Superior performance, unrivaled exibility

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Removes Time Pressures

It's never been easier to really focus on analzing and understanding your data instead of spending ton of time collecting and documenting it.

No microfluidics

Lower Maintenance