Pall’s Integrity Test Limit Calculator Database.

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After you register, your unique log-in will allow you access to Pall’s vast library of integrity test limits for standard wetting fluids, and allow you to view and reprint your previous requests.  Certificates can be printed in English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, or Italian, using either imperial or metric units.




Test limits include :


  • Forward Flow (Diffusive Flow)
  • Bubble Point + Forward Flow
  • Water Intrusion
  • Pressure Hold (Decay)


Test limits in this database are for:


  • Pharmaceutical-grade pleated filters and discs
  • Food and Beverage grade pleated filters


To use this database, you must know:


  • The complete filter part number
  • The wetting fluid
  • The pressure source (air/nitrogen)
  • Number of filters to be tested together
  • Pall Housing Part Number or housing volume in mL (for Pressure Hold limits)



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