Membralox® UF Membranes and Schumasiv™ MF Filter Elements
Handle Difficult Oil/Water and Sludge/Water Separations

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, March 31, 2015 – One of China’s largest steel manufacturers is relying on Pall technology for critical process separations. Pall Membralox® ceramic UF membranes are being employed for oil/water separations and Pall Schumasiv™ ceramic MF membrane filter elements are being used for bioreactor sludge/water separations. The plant has a capacity of several million tons/year.
In steel production, “rolling” is a metal-forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rollers to reduce thickness and provide uniformity. An oil/water emulsion is used as a lubricant and for heat control in this process. After this process, Membralox ceramic membranes help concentrate the emulsion, enabling the oil to be reclaimed and the water to be sent to the membrane bioreactor to reduce the amount of organic compounds in the water. 
A concentrated sludge/water mixture is a by-product of the ensuing bioreaction. Schumasiv ceramic membranes are used to separate the sludge and water, enabling the sludge to be safely disposed of and allowing the water to be reclaimed for re-use. 

“Fluid cleanliness is critical to the operation and reliability of the systems used in steel production,” said Mitch Summerfield, President, Pall Process Systems. “Pall technology is enabling this plant to deliver the consistent, high-quality product which its customers demand.”

Pall’s Membralox membranes and Schumasiv filter elements are designed for a wide range of industrial processes. The ceramic membranes are less prone to fouling and offer greater reliability in handling process upsets than the traditional settling tank and polishing filtration which the MF system replaced.
In addition, they provide high-quality filtrate, such that the plant no longer needs to install a traditional large post-aerobic clarifier. The reduced footprint resulted in significant savings for the plant. The Pall system also eliminated the need for additional downstream polishing equipment, further reducing capital and operation costs. Finally, Pall’s systems feature innovative modular designs, which will make future plant expansion simpler and less expensive.

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