Pall Aria™ Integrated MF/RO System

Cost-Saving Alternative to Clarifier and Multimedia Filtration Operations

Product: Pall Aria™ Integrated MF/RO System


If you are dependent on clarifiers and multimedia filters to treat surface water and influent water for boiler and utility applications, you could benefit from upgrading to a Pall Aria Integrated MF/RO system. The Pall Aria MF/RO system leverages advanced dual-membrane technology for process water treatment. This hollow-fiber microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) system has been proven to reduce overall operational costs by 15-20%. It can also achieve consistent and high-quality product water, with a significantly smaller footprint, less waste, and no need for sludge dewatering, hauling, and disposal.


• Reduce operational costs by as much as 20%.
• Improve water quality.
• Eliminate water variability to downstream unit operations.



Is This an Opportunity for You?
• Do seasonal or frequent operational conditions cause variability in your makeup water?
• Does poor water quality and variability stress your downstream unit operations (such as demineralizer, softener, or boiler and utility operations)?
• Are you interested in significant savings on operating costs for water treatment?


Why the Pall Aria Integrated MF/RO System?

• Eliminates source water variability caused by fluctuations in seasonal and operational conditions.
• Reduces TDS and ensures high-quality water to downstream unit operations.
• Provides the consistency and high quality required for critical applications.


Key Industries

• Chemical processing
• Electronics
• Food and beverage
• Hydrocarbon processing
• Mining
• Power
• Primary metals
• Pulp and paper Features
• Standard designs for trouble-free operation.
• Touch-screen controls for simple operation.
• Modular design for rapid integration.
• Multiple membrane barriers for process protection.

Why Pall?

• Flexible water management: outsource operations, service contract, or serviceon-demand.
• Flexible project financing: capital purchase, lease-to-own, rent, or purchase treated water.
• Streamlined system design and operation using our experience of over 60 years in the field of water treatment.
• Lifetime system support from filtration experts with excellent track records for customer satisfaction.