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Achieve excellent contamination control of wash fluids using Pall’s superior parts washing fluid filtration. It helps OEMs reduce costs and improve parts cleanliness.


Superior Contamination Control of Wash Fluids Automotive Parts Washing Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Asia



Parts washing fluid contamination can be avoided using the right filtration systems. Recirculation of parts washing fluid can lead to significant quality problems resulting from particle contamination if not successfully captured. 


One global automotive parts washing manufacturer (OEM) in Asia was looking to improve its cleanliness levels through filtration and approached Pall for workable solutions.


A significant 10-fold increase in filter performance was observed by using Pall Marksman filters and a high 6-fold increase in apparent dirt holding capacity was observed compared to the OEM’s previous bag filter use.


Pall filters are now fitted to the automotive parts washing equipment, providing the OEM with a major competitive advantage in terms of parts cleanliness and the potential this offers in terms of operating cost saving for its customers. This is the best in parts washing fluid filtration in the market.





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