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Diesel Fuel Filtration For Mining Operations

Particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel must be controlled to acceptable limits.

Diesel Filtration

Increasing operating costs, high fuel usage costs, equipment downtime, and strict environmental legislation regarding GHG emissions are just a few of the difficult challenges the mining industry faces today. Running fleets of large diesel powered engines requires optimum engine performance and reliability. Particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel must be controlled to acceptable limits. 


Superior diesel cleaning filters


Diesel fuel injection pump failure can be attributed to the presence of hard, particulate contamination. Mechanical failures occur due to component wear and blocking component movement. Electrical failures, typically injector solenoid burnout, happen from silting around the poppet valve stem, restricting movement. Performance failures occur as a result of blocking of injector nozzles and altering injector spray patterns.


Despite these failures, standard on-board fuel filters are not designed to handle high levels of contamination. To prevent premature plugging and frequent change-outs of on-board filters, fuel cleanliness should be controlled throughout the entire fuel supply chain. Diesel fuel cleanliness control must be a site-wide investment – managed with advanced particulate and water filtration technologies from the point of delivery, through storage, to the dispensing nozzle.


Our superior diesel cleaning filters offer engines injecting fuels at pressures in excess of 25.000 psi recourse from contaminants that reduce efficiency and cause breakdown. We offers several solutions to meet these challenges.

Premium filters for all of your needs

Diesel Fuel Filters

The Ultipleat SRT (Stress Resistant Technology) media is enhanced for high performance under cyclic flow and dirt loading conditions. It is comprised of an auto-pull element removal mechanism for easy and fast element removal with Cap or head service configurations. The Ultipleat SRT comes with Anti-static filtration medium and features 3" and 6" diameter Ultipleat (wave-shaped pleat) filter medium pack. It offers in-to-out filter element flow path and coreless element configuration for environmentally friendly disposal


Nylon Depth Media Fuel Filter


This premium filter utilizes a proprietary polymeric media with optimized removal efficiency and dirt capacity for ‘heavy duty’ and ‘severe duty’ applications. Compatible with biodiesel fuels and operational at flowrates up to 650 liters per hour (170 gallons per hour), this unique filter can be configured for particulate and water control in a single stage. Available accessories include priming pump (manual or electrical), diesel fuel heater, water-in-fuel sensor, pressure sensor/switch and temperature sensor, making it a unique and versatile filter.


PhaseSep Liquid/Liquid Coalescer


The in-to-out flow direction unit of the PhaseSep Liquid/Liquid Coalescer contains a stacked element design that provides the benefit of having a separator and a coalescer as a single unit. With large diameters and fluoropolymeric media, the performance of this product is not impaired by the presence of surfactants or fuel additives due to the nature of interaction between fluorinated polymers and surfactants. As such, it has a wide fluid compatibility. For more information, contact our knowledgable team today.

Air Breather Filter


This superior technology provides optimum protection against airborne contamination ingression into vented fluid systems. It is suitable for flow rates up to 1500 L/min (400 US gpm).


Ultipleat Diesel Plus Filters


Moderne Schwerlast-Dieselmotoren sind sehr anfällig für Beschädigungen durch Partikel im Dieselkraftstoff, während Wasserkontamination die Effizienz verringern und den Verschleiß begünstigen kann. Das Ergebnis: Bei nicht kontrollierter Verunreinigung sinkt die Zuverlässigkeit kritischer Anlagen, ungeplante Ausfallzeiten nehmen zu, ebenso wie die Wartungs- und Reparaturkosten.

Our diesel cleaning filtration solutions improve cleanliness levels for greater engine performance and reliability, while reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.

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