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Primary Metal Gear Box & Morgoil

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Morgoil Gearbox

Das Total Cleanliness Programm wurde von Pall entwickelt, um seinen Kunden dabei zu helfen, die Reinheit während des gesamten Herstellungsprozesses beizubehalten. TCM beinhaltet die Integration von Produkten und Dienstleistungen zur Reduzierung der Umweltauswirkungen und Betriebskosten bei gleichzeitiger Steigerung von Produktivität, Zuverlässigkeit, Qualität und Sicherheit.


Industrial filtration technology for Morgoil equipment


As part of a TCM Pall offers regularly scheduled fluid analysis, process audits, equipment consultations and surveys, and other tools to assist customers with ensuring their equipment is properly protected, their fluids are clean, and their filtration technology is operating as expected. By using these preventative services, Our customers can head problems off before they become big, and they can know that we are able to offer solutions.


Typical strip mills consist of a series of “stands” that progressively reduce the thickness of the steel slab as it passes between rollers. The gears contained in the gearbox of the stand are either single or double helical gears, and the stand contains an electrical motor. 


The main gearbox output shaft has a flexible connection to a pinion stand that drives the rollers. Each pinion has a gearbox, with helical gears that splits the power between upper and lower rollers. The power required to roll steel varies, but the gearbox motor is normally operating at less than 15% of its rating. Torque required to drive a bar entering the mill often exceeds 4 times the motor torque rating.


For the motor to continue operating with this type of demand on it, the manufacturer requires adequate protection for the gearbox and bearing. We have responded to these industrial demands by developing a full line of industrial filtration technology for the dedicated Morgoil equipments.

The Filter of choice

Profile II Star

The profile II Star filter is constructed entirely of polypropylene, features pleated-depth filter elements that combine exceptional abilities to hold dirt with high flow rates of pleated filters. This filter has a pressure drop and flow capability that is within expected performance of many competitor products, but the pleated non-depth polypropylene filters do not have the same capacity for contaminant removal. The Profile II Star excels at removing gels and agglomerates, while providing superior performance in applications that are high concentration slurry, high viscosity pastes, or where fine dispersion classification and gel removal are required.


Poly-Fine XLD


The Poly-fine XLD filter combines the best of breed for depth and pleated filtration technologies. This product combines high flow capacity, low pressure drop, and gel retention capability with a long service life typical of depth filters. Poly-fine XLD has a multilayer media structure and is specifically engineered for fine dispersion classification and gel retention. This is the filter of choice for applications that require high-viscosity and high concentration slurry filtering at an economically friendly price point.


For more information about Pall filtration technology for primary metal producers with Morgoil equipment, click here to contact one of our experts.

Exceptional abilities and high flow rates.


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