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Pulp & Paper Coating

Explore our highly-engineered process solutions that protect people and critical assets, while minimizing emissions and waste.

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Pulp and Paper Coating

Top players in the pulp and paper industry take a comprehensive approach to asset protection and process optimization. To ensure consistent levels of contamination control throughout the paper manufacturing process, a superior solution is required. If your mill seeks increased system reliability, reduced filtration costs and environmentally friendly options, you need a durable and efficient product designed by Pall.


Our highly-engineered process solutions protect people and critical assets, while minimizing emissions and waste.


The equipment in operation in pulp and paper mills is dependent on the proper control and maintenance of fluids. High-efficiency, low-cost filtration ideal for continuous flow applications is provided by MAX PON filter bags. The pure polypropylene microfiber insert contains no sizing, bonding adhesive, resin, lubricant, silicone or antistatic chemicals.


The ideal choice for uses where longer-lasting, high-efficiency filter bags are needed, MAX PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bags are ideal for applications such as e-coat and phosphate baths, and batch applications including oils, edible oils and syrups, or any final or polishing filter requirements.


The longer lifetime, better efficiency solution.


MAX PONG filter bags use a welded seam construction to eliminate unfiltered bypass due to needle holes. They feature a large contaminant-holding capacity, lower pressure drop, and a PolyLoc® ring that creates a hermetic seal to further prevent liquid bypass. Engineered to adsorb smaller particulates and filter out a wide range of particle sizes, the innovative design contributes to the efficacy and efficiency of the filter bags, and allows excess paper coating polymers to be reused. MAX PONG filter bags offer a longer lifetime and better efficiency than other solutions.


MAX PONG filter bags allow the coating colour or sizing  to be recycled and reused as often as possible, mitigating costs and reducing environmental impact. For more information on how this system works and can be installed, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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