Food and Beverage Spoilage Organism Testing

Process more samples at once while reducing chances for cross-contamination

Make detection of food spoilage organisms simple

Membrane filtration microbial detection with fewer steps

The repetitive nature of microbiology quality control (QC) testing of food, beverages and ingredients can make tedious work of this important analysis that keeps our food supply safe and delicious. Ensuring food quality by testing for the presence of spoilage organisms that can impact shelf-life, render a product inedible, or halt production, requires constant vigilance and simple, effective tools.


The Membrane Filtration (MF) technique is a well-accepted reliable method for fast, flexible testing, whether testing materials with concentrated or very low levels of microbes. Creating filtration tools that are designed to make your daily food and beverage QC work easier, is at the top of our mind when we explore new product ideas.



Streamline your colony counting with all-in-one solutions


Our MicroCheck® beverage monitoring filter funnels reduce the number of steps between filtering samples and counting colonies, saving you time in several ways. 


  • Ready to use and disposable—no cleaning and sterilization required
  • Easy squeeze funnel removal—reduces twisting and potential membrane tears that can mean costly and time-consuming retests
  • Bulk-packed convenience—no individual packages to open for every funnel
  • Culture-in-place to prevent potential transfer contamination—filter base converts to a petri dish after filtration with the included lid
  • Easy-to-read graduations save a measuring step—molded on the outside of the funnel with +/-2% accuracy at the maximum volume
  • Choice of membrane—available with our GN-6 mixed cellulose ester (MCE) to meet a wide set of regulatory guidelines or Metricel® Black PES for easy visibility of lighter colored colonies


Our stainless-steel manifold reduces cross-contamination while increasing testing capacity.

  • Requires no tools or tape to put together and disassembles easily to make quick work of cleaning sticky or viscous materials and sterilizing
  • Coupling unit joins two manifolds to filter six samples at one time while still fitting in traditional autoclaves
  • Available adapters provide wide flexibility to fit a range of food, beverage and ingredient testing needs
MicroCheck Beverage Monitor

MicroCheck Beverage Monitor

MicroCheck® beverage monitor filter funnels are easy-to-use disposable filters that save you time with culture-in-place capability.

Pall Laboratory Manifold

Pall Laboratory Manifold

Designed to limit issues typical of other manifolds - no tools or complicated assembly means cleaning to prevent cross-contamination is a breeze.

Pall Magnetic Funnel

Pall Magnetic Funnel

Unique, magnetic, no-leak seal enables one-handed removal of funnel. Polyphenylsulfone construction.

Food & Beverage Sample Testing Workflow

Spoilage Organism Detection Featured Videos


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MicroCheck Beverage Monitor Culture-in-Place


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Sentino Dispenser


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