Filtration Fundamentals: The Power of Media


How to Prevent Foaming, Fouling, and Deposition in Gas Processing Units. Do you know your absolute from your nominal filter ratings?

Why do some filter elements deliver better performance than others?

Should you only look for micron ratings? Do you have the right filter product to protect critical assets or eliminate contamination effectively?

If you are looking for the answers to these questions and want insights to help you identify the right specifications for your process filters, please join us in this webinar.






Onur Afacan

Business Development Leader - Middle East

Pall Corporation


Onur Afacan is Business Development Leader for Pall Corporation in Middle East. He has been working for the company for 13 years. He is specialized in fuels and oil filtration and separation technologies. He is also working on new application development to meet the demands of challenging separation applications of Energy and Petrochemical companies. Onur is a Chemical Engineer, and holds M.Sc. degree.



Keith Webb

Pall Corporation

EMEA Marketing Manager


Keith Webb is Marketing Manager at Pall Corporation for the EMEA region. Keith Webb, based in the UK, attended the University of Portsmouth, UK, obtaining a Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate Degree in 1996. His experience with Pall began in 1989 as a Technical Sales Engineer, before focusing on a career in Marketing Communications within Pall Industrial in 1994. In 2017, Keith became Pall Power Generation Market Manager, helping identify and promoting solutions-oriented support for Power Generation applications, and since Feb 2018, is the EMEA Market Manager for Pall Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection.

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