Prevent Foaming, Fouling, and Deposition in Gas Processing Units and LNG Applications


Do you suffer from foaming in your amine contactor? Are you concerned about fouling in your compressors? Do you suspect solids and salts deposition in your Heat Exchangers, Driers, or Cold Box?


Join this webinar to find out how you can tackle these problems.


Gain insights about contamination with an introduction to filtration and separation applications in Gas Processing and LNG industries, illustrated with real-life case studies.






Mustafa Daoud

Andrew Gorin

Scientific & Laboratory Services Leader

Pall Corporation


Mustafa Daoud received his Master degree in Chemical Engineering from Engineering University in Brussels, Belgium.


He joined Pall Middle East since 2004 focusing on scientific and technical support for filtration and separation solutions. He acquired large experience by engaging and collaborating with technical divisions of major Power, oil & gas and Petrochemical companies.


He is responsible for technical audits specifically for contamination mapping, piloting, and filtration separation solutions upscaling. He has contributed establishing novice solutions such as transmissions pipelines protection and hydrocarbon condensates dewatering supporting directly customers with processes enhancement initiatives."

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June 2021
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