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Injection Water

Minimize particle ingression into critical orifices, nozzles, shafts and blades.

More Efficient Power Production. Less NOx emissions.

Pall Water Injection Systems Defend Gas Turbines from Water Impurities That Cause Early Wear

Pall Water Injection Filters refine water impurities to protect integral components from corrosion, fouling, and erosion while enabling gas turbines to run with low NOx emission rates. 


NOx reduction systems on clean water in order for ideal removal of NOx while not corroding the blades and other materials. Pall Water Injection Filtration systems remove minerals, organic materials and other particulate matter to exceed purity requirements to allow proper NOx reduction in new generation gas combustion turbines. Contaminant free water enables gas turbines to optimize power production with less unplanned downtime. Properly sized, installed and maintained treatment systems play a key role in gas turbine preventative maintenance planning as components will last longer from less chemical stress. Our durable filtering and treatment products keep water to high purity standards needed to ensure the quality of the NOx reduction process. The result of effective water treatment is cleaner turbine combustion leading to more efficient power production with less NOx emissions. 


Engineered to curb contamination


We bring a complete approach to water injection management for gas turbines to minimize particle ingression into critical orifices, nozzles, shafts and blades. By implementing economical Pall filter schemes, contaminants in water can be minimized to prevent:


  • Höhere Ausfallzeiten und Produktionsverluste
  • Costly component replacement
  • Höhere Betriebs- und Wartungskosten
  • Decreased efficiency and lower power production
  • High NOx emissions
  • Lecks, Verschleiß von Elastomeren und Dichtungen
  • Corrosive wear to gas turbine shafts, blades and fuel injection nozzles and acid formation on surfaces


Our filters and treatment systems are engineered to curb contamination that inhibit a NOx reduction system’s primary functions by contaminating the turbine. 

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Designed for High flow applications

Pall Produkte

Pall Ultipleat® High Flow filters are a large diameter, coreless, single open ended, pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. They offer world-class protection against any kind of particulate contamination from reaching its way into injection nozzles and the internal turbine system and causing corrosive and erosive wear. The filter's unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry, combined with its large 152,4 mm (6 inch) diameter and proprietary range of available our filter media, allows users to significantly lessen filter use for high gas flow rate applications needed to successfully power gas turbines. 


Pall Water Injection Filtration systems are the most economical and durable option to deliver clean water to your gas turbines while reducing NOx. Click here to let a Pall expert optimize your fuel filtration to maximize your plant’s performance and expertly educe emissions.  

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