Varnish Prevention & Removal Solutions


Join our Webinar to understand the causes and effects of varnish in your rotating equipment and/or hydraulic & lube systems.  See how problems associated with varnish can be reduced or eliminated by using anti-static filter protection and easy to use plug-and-play varnish removals solutions.  Learn how to get long-term improvements quickly and ensure the productivity and reliability of your critical equipment.






Antonio Perez Haro

Senior Technical Specialist

Pall Corporation


Antonio Pérez Haro, based in Alcobendas (Madrid), studied at the University of Castilla La Mancha, obtaining a degree in Chemistry with the speciality of Industrial Chemistry in 1997. His experience with Pall began in 2000 as an Engineer in the Scientific and Laboratory Service of Pall Spain. In 2018 he became the Western Europe coordinator of the AP (Asset Protection) division, providing support solutions oriented to the Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Primary Metal and Automotive industries.



Frédéric Rob

Western Europe Manager – Power Generation

Pall Corporation


Frederic Rob, based in St-Germain-en-Laye (France), has been with Pall since 2003 and has held various management positions including Automotive sales manager, Machinery & Equipment Sales Director, France, and Fluids Technologies & Asset Protection Sales Director. Since 2018 Frederic has led the PowerGen Business team for Western Europe supporting Energy End-users - Coal, Gaz & Combined Cycle plants, Wind Turbines, Nuclear, Hydraulic Dams - and OEM’s. Frederic received his University of Technologie degree as Physics Measurement Specialist, and his Business School degree in 2003

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