MILITARY: Rotary Wing

Mission ready contamination control solutions with military precision

Filtration solutions tailored to unique mission environment requirements

From providing close air support to tactical airlift, or providing SAR to ISR, the rotorcraft continues to represent one of the most in-demand platforms across all major defence services, particularly given the increasing budgetary emphasis on multirole solutions. Be it the bitter cold Arctic tundra, the dune-covered deserts of Northern Africa, or the salt-sprayed expanse of the world’s great oceans, there is not a single environment on the planet that is not in some way operating rotor-wing aircraft and high-intensity operations demand robust protection against harsh climates.


From engines to the on-board electronic systems, our products help you protect your assets from airborne threats, ensuring complete reliability and mission readiness.


Supported by our PUREservices, Pall military rotary wing contamination control solutions will help you improve critical system reliability and performance, dramatically reducing maintenance costs, expanding the life of components and protecting the on-board comfort of occupants.    

Airborne contamination removal solutions that protect your rotary wing platform engine from airborne threats such as sand, dust, salt, rain, ice, snow, and foreign objects.    

We provide robust avionics (electronic equipment) cooling filtration solutions that remove free water and solid particulates from cooling air, ensuring the reliability of essential electronic systems is maintained.    

Pall Aerospace differential pressure monitoring solutions are designed to accurately indicate when filters require replacing in order to avoid fluid contamination that can result in the failure of mission critical equipment. 

Our line of filter elements, assemblies, and manifolds provide optimum filtration levels, ensuring aerospace fluids stay consistently clean.    

Laser drilled and available in sintered, woven mesh (Rigimesh®) or composite mesh, Pall Aerospace Last Chance Filters come in standard ranges and sizes with filtration ratings from 15 to 450 micron. They are high strength, puncture and fatigue resistant, and suitable for high pressure and bi-directional flow applications requiring cleanliness to class 00.    

Air and other gases can contaminate pressurised hydraulic systems within military aircraft, proving detrimental to system performance and limiting the life cycles of hydraulic components. The Pall ARB valve solution automatically bleeds entrapped gases from the hydraulic fluid reservoirs of commercial aircraft, improving hydraulic system performance while and reducing costs associated with maintenance.    

Pall Aerospace purifiers help you quickly and effectively eliminate contaminants from military rotary wing aircraft fluid systems, helping you reduce operating costs and prolong the life of service equipment.    

Better protection for demanding operations. Every Day.

Contamination of fluid systems and component parts is a significant threat to the operability of military rotary wing aircraft. It compromises fluid integrity, and in turn, critical aircraft systems that can result in immediate and longer-term system failure or component damage. The challenges posed by contamination not only can ground choppers, leading to costly maintenance, they can also result in catastrophic system failure, proving hazardous to safety of occupants.


The products manufactured by Pall Corporation meet the strictest industry regulations and are guaranteed to addresses main contamination control challenges in the military market. With bespoke efficient solutions tailored to your needs, our filtration and separation technology protects systems and components, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, improving performance, and keeping the highest standards of safety.


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