Speciality Chemicals Filtration Solutions

Maintaining high-quality specialty chemicals filtration solution standards in the specialty chemicals market is essential to preserve their value. Find out more about our solutions here.

The Growth of Specialty Chemicals

Driven by demand for high-performance and function-specific chemicals, the global specialty chemicals market is expected to grow over the coming years. Trends across various industries continue to have an influence - whether it’s additives in the Food & Beverage industry, demand for personal care products, or the need for power and energy, end-use applications are influencing demand for specialty chemicals globally.


Specialty Chemicals & Quality Standards


Unlike bulk commodity chemicals that are made on a large scale and with minimal product variation from producer to producer, specialty chemicals are formulated and manufactured to suit the customer’s needs and are designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing requirements. Sold based on their performance or function and manufactured under strict quality controls, meeting and maintaining the highest standards in filtration are essential as it directly impacts their value.


This consumer-driven market requires the right specialty chemicals filtration solutions when the chemical or final formulation is destined for higher purity uses. Some of these high purity formulations could be E Grade (Electronic Grade), P Grade (Pharmaceutical Grade), Food Grade, or other types of specialty chemicals. These fine chemicals could be final products, resins & coatings, or intermediates, which are produced with specific quality specifications dictated by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and/or other industry requirements for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Personal Care products.


Manufacturers must meet these stringent quality standards. Specialty chemicals typically have strict quality control specifications concerning particulate and dissolved impurities contents. The filtration process is crucial in producing specialty chemicals, both to maximize production yield and ensure product purity. The challenge for producers is to adapt to changing filtration requirements as new standards are introduced, meeting product quality standards, and having the right technical support.


Providing Specialty Chemical Filtration Solutions – Silicone


Silicone products are used in a wide variety of applications, from pharmaceutical formulations to car headlights. Depending on the manufacturing process and the nature of the finished products (some examples of these include resins, oil emulsions, gels, pastes, anti-foam coatings, and polymers), filtration technologies are used to remove impurities while improving quality.


One of the challenges with silicone production is achieving a crystal-clear finish to products. Meeting consistent cleaning specifications is critical and is achieved by removing solid particles, degraded catalysts, salt, and gels.

Our solutions help customers meet their cleanliness and quality specifications by providing solutions depending on the silicone produced:


  • Intermediate products (silicone oils): Pall’s L/L coalescing systems protected by high flow high capacity pre-filters help producers remove acidic water from silicone oils.
  • Intermediate products (silicon resins): SUPRAdisc™ series depth filter modules are the recommended solution for this production process offering long service life, low initial DP, and good mechanical resistance.
  • Final Products (blend silicones): SUPRAdisc depth filter modules are the most appropriate technology to control the cleanliness of silicone fluids, where the viscosity range can vary up to 10,000 cP.

Like silicone producers, we can help manufacturers of a variety of specialty chemical products to meet their strict quality specifications.


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