Molecular Sieve Protection

Explore our portable filtration solutions and sieve filtration products that allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications. This includes the molecular sieve in petrochemical processes and molecular sieve for water purification.

Maximizing Process Efficiency

Superior Molecular Sieve Filtration Protection from The SepraSol™ liquid/gas coalescer

When used upstream of a molecular sieve bed, SepraSol™ liquid/gas coalescers can contribute to a proven three-year desiccant life for ethlylene producers. 


Cooling after gas compression can create very fine aerosol mists smaller than 5 micron which are difficult to separate mist eliminators and knock out pots.  This condensate can have adverse effects on the molecular sieve. Temperature and pressure fluctuations during cycles vaporize residual hydrocarbons on sieve filtration devices and may crack the surface structure.


Placed directly after knock-out drums in the gas line. Pall SepraSol coalescer products are engineered to remove virtually all hydrocarbons and aqueous aerosols in the gas down to .01 micron for a 0.003 ppmw.


Pall Seprasol coalescers also protect compressors and turbo-equipment, amine glycol contactors, burner and combustion equipment, molecular sieve drier beds and other desiccant and adsorbent beds by removing solid particles 0.3 micron and larger at 99.99% efficiency.


SepraSol™ employs a high flux oleophobic/hydrophobic media with rapid drainage of coalesced liquids in the cartridge, allowing it to handle high gas velocity and liquid loads without re-entrainment. SepraSol™ removes a variety of liquids, including excess free water and oil-based mists.  


Compare smallest droplet removal to other processes (micron):


  • SepraSol™ <0.1
  • Mist eliminator 5
  • Vane separator 10
  • Cyclonic separator 10
  • Knock-out drum 300


Applications and Advantages in Sieve Filtration:


  • Prevents damage to turbines reducing servicing intervals
  • Reduces compressor valve replacement
  • Protects low and ultra-low NOx burners by cleaning fuel gas
  • Extends life of adsorbent desiccant bed in ethylene processing
  • Prevents damage to catalysts
  • Purifies effluent gases from lubrication oil, water, compressor wear products, corrosion products, and other solids
  • Removes lube oil from ammonia gas
  • Cleans dirty fuel and instrument gas
  • Minimizes foaming tendencies in sweetening and dehydration units
  • Minimizes amine and glycol loses downstream of gas sweetening and dehydration units
  • Control of injection well plugging during gas flooding


SepraSol™ purifies gas streams extends the life of upstream processes while improving performance in molecular sieve protection. For more information on this system, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.   

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