Petrochemical Final Product

Explore the variety of final product purification solutions for the wide range of Petrochemical Processing Industry

Longer life and superior liquid removal

Pall Process Final Product Treatment Filter Solutions Ensure Purity of Petrochemical Final Product

Pall provides a variety of final product purification solutions for the wide range of Petrochemical Processing Industry products that become feedstocks for further material synthesis or are petrochemical final products.


Prior to leaving the site, petrochemical products are often treated to remove solid and liquid contaminants. These liquid and solid contaminants, such as catalyst, corrosion products, water, liquid byproducts, unreacted feedstocks, and pipe scale, can reduce yield, product quality, and reaction rates, as well as foul and erode distribution equipment (e.g. pumps, nozzles, piping and meters) and other process equipment (e.g. reactors, heat exchangers, contactor towers, distillation columns, engines and boilers).


Pall Final Product Petrochemical Purification Filters


Pall provides a wide variety of filtration products and liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescer elements contained in specially designed vessels optimized for critical service requirements. There are Pall filtration products to remove contaminants in the nano-, ultra- and micro-filtration range and to separate free liquid contaminants such as waters, oils, acids and caustics.

Profile® II filters


Profile® II filters are all chemically-resistant polypropylene, which allows them to filter a very wide range of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. Since no binder resin is used – the fibers are “bonded” by intertwining during the manufacturing process – Profile II filters show no media migration.


Profile® A/S Series PPS filters


Profile® A/S Series PPS filters can be used with many fluids up to 400 °F (205 °C) because of their polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) filter medium with 316 L stainless steel cores construction. The fibers in Profile A/S filters are continuous for practical purposes. No binder resin or surfactants are used and the fibers are “bonded” by intertwining during the manufacturing process. The constant density medium with tapered pores means longer service life, excellent gel removal, improved product yields, and lower costs overall.


PhaseSep® EL liquid/liquid colescers


PhaseSep® EL liquid/liquid colescers filters efficiently separate liquid/liquid emulsions and liquid/liquid dispersions. The petrochemical final product filters come both with and without separator stacks, depending on process conditions. The unique stack configuration optimizes flow distribution for smaller size and longer life. The superior liquid and particulate removal efficiency reduces incidents of off-spec product thereby saving reprocessing, downgrade and transportation costs. Due to the PhaseSep® EL liquid/liquid colescers long life and superior liquid removal efficiency, the overall cost of contaminant removal is low even when compared to other less efficient methods like salt driers, electrostatic separators and sand filters. The long useful life of the PhaseSep cartridges obtained from Pall’s specially formulated medium and prefilter results in fewer cartridge changeouts, reducing maintenance and changeout costs and cartridge disposal costs.


Ultipleat® High Flow filters


Ultipleat® High Flow filters are optimally constructed to efficiently and effectively filter high-flow fluids. This filter is a large diameter, coreless, single open ended, pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. The filter's unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry, combined with its large 152.4 mm (6 inch) diameter and proprietary range of available Pall filter media, allows significantly fewer filters to be used and smaller housings for high flow rate applications. Systems can handle up to 115,443 lpm (30,500 gpm).


Ultipleat® Profile filters


Ultipleat® Profile filters are all polypropylene, allowing wide chemical compatibility and use a unique medium construction and crescent-shaped pleat structure for a longer life and to optimally filter viscous liquids and dispersions. UP filters are 63.5 mm (2.5 in.) diameter cartridges with an absolute-rated filter medium constructed using Pall's proprietary method of varying fiber diameter continuously to create a tapered pore filter medium for more effective filtration.


Pall Final Product Petrochemical Purification Filters maintain high quality at high capacity for a longer service life for petrochemical final products. For more information on how this system works and can be installed, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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