Optimized CAM Production and Cell Manufacture through Improved Filtration and Separation


Duration: 60 minutes

The processes involved in the production of Cathode Active Materials (CAM) and manufacture of cathode electrodes for Lithium-Ion-Batteries are presented along with the applications for optimizing these work flows through improved filtration and separations.  Filtration requirements for feed streams, bulk capture of intermediate product and the removal of contaminants in gas, liquid and slurry streams are covered providing guidelines for how to enhance these practices. How the removal of the contaminants benefits the processes and Lithium-Ion-Battery performance are reviewed.


Dr. Thomas H. Wines


Director, Energy+, Pall Corporation


Dr. Thomas H. Wines is a Director at Pall Corporation’s Energy+ team with over 35 years’ experience in Separation Technologies. He is focused on the Energy Market including Lithium-Ion Batteries, Oil & Gas Processes, and Downstream Refining Operations. He has authored over fifty technical papers, one scientific book and has two patents granted. 

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