SUPRAdisc™ II 12” Design Change


We are harmonizing the design of our SUPRAdisc II 12” inch filter modules with that of the SUPRAdisc II 16” inch filter modules. SUPRAdisc II 12” inch filter modules are changing from a clip connection at the outside to the inside separator to an ultrasonic welding connection.


The ultrasonic welded connection has been proven in food and beverage applications since successful launch of the 16” SUPRAdisc II modules since 2003. The dimensions of the new SUPRAdisc II 12” modules remain the same as the old version. As a result of this change, there will be no change to SUPRAdisc II part numbers or the material descriptions and no impact to purchasing of the updated 12” filtration modules.


During the transition phase, delivery of mixed pallets with both versions is possible and is no reason for complaints.


SUPRAdisc™ II Modules:

Comparison of Design and Impact on Customers' Process

Parameter 12" OLD Design 12" NEW Design Impact of the Design Change on Customers Process 
Diameter 287 mm 287 mm none ✔
Height flat gasket adapter 272 mm 272 mm none ✔
Height double O-ring adapter 332 mm 332 mm none ✔
Filter area [ m2 ] 1.8 1.8 none ✔
Filter media 1.1 the same none ✔
Fit in existing Pall housings and all housings where SUPRAdisc II old design is in use 100% none ✔
Form Clips connection Ultrasonic welded none ✔
Fit Identical none ✔
Function Identical none ✔
Backflush up to 0.5 bar dp up to 0.5 bar dp none ✔
Can old design and new design be used together in one housing? Yes none ✔


SUPRAdisc™ II 12

Old version

New Version


Old Clip

New Ultrasonic Welded


We appreciate your continued use of Pall products and look forward to assisting you. Please contact your local Pall sales engineer for any questions.