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September 2020
Whisky Production: To Chill or Not to Chill?

Food and Beverage | Pall Corporation webinar series

Distilled spirits contain a diverse array of substances that originate from their raw materials and from the barrels used for ageing. These substances include fusel oils, fatty acids and their esters. When water is added, these compounds, which are insoluble in water, form micelles and result in turbidity also known as chill haze. This chill haze forms more commonly in brown spirits like whisky. 


To meet consumer demand for clear spirits and prevent chill haze formation after bottling, the majority of brown spirits undergo a process that involves chilling the spirit to temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F). This forces the chill haze to form which can then be removed by filtration – one of the most challenging and important steps in the production process.


In our webcast, “Whisky Production: To Chill or Not to Chill?”, you’ll learn:

  • The origins of chill haze and its components
  • The evolution of chill haze removal
  • How to remove chill haze without refrigeration 
  • How DE free media can improve your product quality


Speaker: Kent Warner

Eastern Regional Manager

North American Spirits Market Manager 

Pall Corporation


Kent started with Pall in 2014 with 7 years of previous experience working within the Food & Beverage industry. He is the Regional Sales Manager for the eastern USA while managing the spirits market for North America since 2018. Kent attended Georgia Southern University for his ungraduated degree and is currently at Auburn University working on his master’s degree. He currently lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with his wife and 2 daughters.